A Name

What’s in a name Shakespeare wrote. His words shine but the names remain the same and become synonymous as well having spin offs which reveal the same quality.
From the movie Troy 2004
Achilles “They’ll be talking about this war for 1000 years.”
Prince Hector : ” In a 1000 years the dust from our bones will be gone.”
Achilles: “Yes Prince, but our names will remain. “


20121025-070301.jpg iCopy or do I ? Independent thoughts of obscure mathematical theories or scientific thesis or just reading history , can lead to discovery. Not many could think of something similar to a Dyson Sphere at 17 or tell you why it’s obvious man was on the moon with just words not many would deny. Fewer still could tell you the theory of time travel and show you experiments that have been done that prove it. Analyzing in thought can break mega projects into a finite number of little pieces , as any engineer can tell you. Many can think out of the box no question , but even fewer can remove or replace all the variables including their own selves in their equations of life and not just work. It wasn’t my work copying someone’s art in this photo. This photo is really of someone’s copying another’s brand in a way but not really. The point is kinda as grey as life to most if they even see it or the lack of originality in using that “i” as a prefix as I do right here as a catchy easy to remember site name. Is it an original name or a copy of something or an acceptable prefix to any word these days except for the ones you know of in commercials. I’m certain good art would sell as a copy of another’s overused art that became a status symbol.